On February 24 our lives have changed dramatically. We want to spread information about the help that everyone can provide.

MILK KIDS want to help the biggest children's hospital in Ukraine "Okhmadyt". If you also want to join us, you can help via link - https://cutt.ly/ohmatdyt_help

The National Bank has opened an account for humanitarian aid to Ukrainians affected by Russian aggression - https://bank.gov.ua/en/about/humanitarian-aid-to-ukraine

You can help the military at the front through the organization "Return Alive" - ​​https://savelife.in.ua/donate/

Funds for the needs of the army can be transferred through the official account of the NBU - https://bank.gov.ua/en/about/support-the-armed-forces

Assist in logistical and medical support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - https://www.mil.gov.ua/dopomoga-na-materialno-tehnichne-ta-medichne-zabezpechennya-zbrojnih-sil-ukraini.html

Medical Battalion "Hospitallers", working directly on the front line. Target gift certificates for the battalion staff can be purchased here - https://balistyka.ua/
Read the instructions carefully before ordering.

Nova Poshta has launched a humanitarian mail line - https://novaposhta.ua/eng/

Assistance from abroad through the National Bank of Ukraine - https://helpua.bank.gov.ua/

Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦 #standwithukraine #stopthewar