Welcome to MILK KIDS eco concept store - a multi-brand of sustainable eco-brands for children from 0 to 18 years, as well as for adults.

"Style from Birth" is the slogan of the MILK KIDS project, which defines that from the earliest days of life it is important to teach children to wear things made of natural materials. This is what MILK KIDS emphasizes when it comes to nurturing style from birth.

This project was created in 2015 with great love, as the main inspiration for its creation was my daughter Melania.

Becoming a mother, and also having experience in fashion retail, I decided to gather in one place the most stylish and, most importantly, 100% natural things from around the world.

This unique and unique place in its concept was the space MILK KIDS, where a limited number of shoes, clothes, accessories, wooden toys, books, candles, utensils, household items and more.

MILKKIDS.ua is an online marketplace with more than 60 children's fashion brands and more, the selection of which is based on the principles of environmental friendliness, sustainability, ethical production and fair trade.

The presented things are made only of organic hypoallergenic materials, mostly handmade, as they are created by family companies with love and care for their young children.

And now - for your kids too.

Thank you for trusting us!

With love
Olena and Melania