From generation to generation, Pom d'Api designs and manufactures quality shoes for children. Over a century of experience and tradition that allows him to know the importance of a specific footwear, and to pay close attention to every detail of the manufacturing process. A constant search to propose, each season, products of the best quality. A know-how acquired and transmitted over time, guided by the passion of a family.

Pom d'Api continues to innovate, building on the foundations of its collections, successfully combining quality and creativity in the design and manufacture of children's shoes. The brand has its own study office in which patrons and designers work on the development of new models thanks to the know-how transmitted by previous generations. Contemporary, elegant and creative collections. Pom d'Api has a network of more than twenty boutiques, which provide advice and expertise specific to the brand. The models are also available from a selection of dealers around the world. From Paris to New York, via Florence, London, Copenhagen or Tokyo.